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Exhibition / The Jungle

In a big flutter birds lift up into all four directions and the in-between ones, too…

Residents of the migrant camp in Calais have started new journeys of defiance, obedience, relief or surrender – responding to the determination of the French authorities to finally win control back over the camp and clear it off residents. Off the face of the earth.

Staff from Good Chance Theatre are on the ground to witness and share – so far, they say, the atmosphere has been calm and pragmatic.

Our birds have once more spread their wings and moved to a temporary location: they are at Shoreditch Town Hall receiving visitors to the performance ‘Phone Home’ by Upstart Theatre that’s showing from 19-30 October.

This also involved moments of defiance, obedience, relief and surrender because of the unexpected limitations of trying to set up an exhibition in a listed building where nothing – no nails, tools, tape, blue tack, white tack – is allowed on the walls and nothing is to hang off the ceiling… We got there, in the end, and staff from Upstart Theatre & Shoreditch Town hall helped to create a space where ‘the photographs as well as the cards make a powerful statement‘ (Tom Mansfield, Artistic Director, Upstart).

For information about the show and booking tickets follow click here.


sth-1 sth-3


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