Birds Crossing Borders exhibition launched

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On 01 September, we celebrated the opening of our Birds Crossing Borders exhibition with over 35 guests in an evening of sharing stories of migration and sharing food.

We were excited to be joined by Nick Cowell and Carla Ferrari, two of six artists who created a bird design for our postcard set. We were also very pleased that some of our partners could join us because their support has been vital to the project: Nicki and Natasha from Rich Mix who are currently hosting our exhibition from 01-09 September; Kirstin from Good Chance Theatre who hosted our art workshops in The Jungle/Calais, and Lee from Calverts Co-operative who printed the set of 1500 bird cards for free.

colouring inOur project has always been about creating a space for dialogue – and that’s what we managed to achieve with this evening where within an hour people were chatting with each other that had only just met, got ideas for new creative collaborations as well as a new understanding about the situations of migrants and the power of the art in creating moments of peace and hope.

The feedback about the exhibition was overwhelmingly positive and visitors fed back that they took away:



art can create peace of mind

collaborative ideas for the future

the power of creativity to create connection

a renewed appreciation of the power of art to create a space of safety and open dialogue

that very simple things – colouring in the bird – can can make a big difference

an eye-opening experience … I hadn’t thought about … before – but now I will!

that migration is not some weird alien thing. Lots of us have done it but have had the benefit of way more support

We felt a real sense of recognition in the feedback by a group of visitors who summed the exhibition up as ‘simultaneously heart-breaking and hope-giving‘.

RM Launch Feedback xs

If you haven’t seen it yet you can still do so: it’s free and open daily until 09 September from 9am to 11pm in the Lower Cafe Gallery at Rich Mix.

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  1. Kevin O'Dell says

    As a resident of Tower Hamlets (E3 4NS), I just wanted to give some feedback on the ‘Birds Crossing Borders’ exhibition that was put on in Rich Mix recently.
    Recognising that the show was really the culmination of a process, I thought that the presentation reflected much of what had gone into it. The response to the call out for cards was very impressive, as was indeed the art work provided for this.
    I very much liked what you did with regard to the colouring exercises and some of the finished work was truly impressive. With this, I thought the idea of providing copies of these sheets for members of the visiting public to colour in was inspired and I hope that people took up the challenge – I certainly did.
    Thank you for taking this on.
    Kevin O’Dell


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