Events for Birds Crossing Borders

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Exhibition / News

We’re excited to announce two London events:

Join us on 01 September 6-8pm for the launch of the Birds Crossing Borders exhibition at Rich Mix’ Lower Cafe Gallery. Click here for more details.

And if you fancy contributing to the creative dialogue why not joining us for a free drop-in arts workshop on 08 September 6-8pm at Rich Mix’ Lower Cafe Gallery. One of the most popular activity during our art workshops in the Jungle/Calais was colouring-in: men of all ages and backgrounds spent hours colouring in bird designs – most of which will be on display in the exhibition.

And we’ve decided to bring colouring-in from Calais to London and invite you to an evening of conversation about what each of us can do to respond to growing anti-immigration attitudes since the Brexit vote – while colouring in…


Rich Mix Map

For any questions please get in touch with

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