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Call me by my name 3

Call me by my name: Stories from Calais and beyond has opened on 02 June and is a powerful tapestry of art work by those that have experienced migration directly as refugees and their families – as well as those with a more indirect experiences of migration through volunteering or their work or simply by being touched by stories of others in their community.

A small section of our ‘bird cards’ have made it into the exhibition right next to a little ‘settlement’ of tents from the Jungle – which is exactly where they were meant to go!

On Saturday we ran a drop-in arts workshop where we shared some of our Calais stories over colouring-in-sheets and the creation of a collaborative art piece that we will show in an exhibition at Rich Mix in September.IMG_5551_ed sm

Over 25 exhibition visitors dropped in for a rich afternoon of ‘making’: ‘making is our defence against the dark‘ poet Ruth Padel read in the Poetry of Migration event on 06 June. Poet Jackie Kay affirmed that in her own words, ‘hope is survival – hope is artistic – hope is creative‘…

Our workshop participants felt a sense of that, too, when they fed back what they got from taking part in our creative session:

I’m part of everybody’ 04 June p2
‘Good to send a message of welcome to refugees’
‘A way to express difficult emotions’
‘Calming yet challenging at the same time’
‘Opportunity to meet others, contribute and be active’
‘Feel like I can give something back, even if just a little bit…’


Call me by my name: Stories from Calais and beyond is open until 22 June daily from 12-8pm.


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